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After you purchase a vehicle at Gilroy Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, you want to know that all of your maintenance, service and repair needs are met. As the premier service center in California, we are just a short drive from Fremont and San Jose. Not only do we provide the best customer service, but we can handle any car care need you encounter. Schedule your Service Center appointment today.

Service Center in Gilroy

CDJR Auto Repair

Even if you diligently care for your vehicle, there’s always the chance that something could break. In these troublesome times, you need to know who you can count on. Our CDJR Service Center is staffed with expert technicians that understand the ins and outs of your vehicle. This experience allows us to diagnose and repair even the most troubling issues quickly.

Because we always use OEM parts on your vehicle, you know the vehicle remains in like-factory condition. Whether we recommend quality new brakes or you need the suspension worked on for a better driving experience, we ensure your car is always in optimal condition.

Service Center in Gilroy

Regular Oil Change Service

One of the primary maintenance tasks that should always be performed on time is the oil change service. By changing the oil and filter regularly, you ensure that the motor continues to run at its best. With a well-serviced engine, you can count on many more miles of driving pleasure.

With the help of our qualified technicians at our CDJR Service Center, we ensure that your car has the right type of oil for proper lubrication. We also fit the system with a high-quality oil filter to help reduce contaminants and wear on the engine. You won’t find service like this at your local lube.

Factory-Trained Certified Service Technicians

When it comes to ensuring your car gets the attention and care it deserves, you can’t do any better than visiting our Service Center staffed with factory-trained certified technicians. Because our technicians have been trained by the automaker, you know that they understand your vehicle better than anyone. If there’s a problem to repair, they know how to get to the heart of the matter.

Plus, our Service Center comes equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and machinery. We get the job done faster because we have everything recommended by the factory to deal with your car care needs.

Service Center in Gilroy

Quality Brake Service

Your car’s brakes must remain in good condition if you want to stop in time before an accident occurs. With regular brake replacement and service, you can ensure this system is ready to go. Our technicians will provide a multi-point vehicle inspection regularly. If there is excessive wear to the brakes, we will recommend having them replaced.

You can also count on our Service Center to handle more complicated brake needs. Whether the rotors need to be replaced or it’s time to install a new hose, you know our experts can handle the job. We also provide the regular brake fluid flush as part of the standard maintenance schedule to keep the system running its best.

Service Center in Gilroy

Battery Service for Every Start

Without a fully charged car battery, it becomes impossible to start your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to have the battery checked regularly and replaced when needed at our Service Center. When you come in for other maintenance appointments, we can test the battery capacity to ensure you won’t be stranded.

If you start to notice signs of battery failure, such as difficulty starting the engine or dimmer headlights, it’s important that you schedule an appointment. If you don’t get the battery replaced before it dies, you could find yourself late for work.

Service Center in Gilroy

Riding on Quality Tires

Your car tires are paramount to your on-road safety, which is why our Service Center always inspects the tires at every visit. We can handle all of your tire needs, including replacements or rotation. We recommend following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule when it comes to having tire service performed.

However, there may come a time when you notice a problem with the tire tread or the ability to retain air pressure. Either of these problems should be taken seriously and cause you to visit our Service Center right away.

Service Center in Gilroy

Wheel Alignment for a Smooth Ride

The regular wheel alignment is also imperative to the health of the car tires. You must schedule regular wheel alignment with our Service Center to ensure the tires last and the ride is as smooth as possible. Our advanced equipment gets the job done quickly, so you don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

It’s time to take charge of your vehicle’s car and maintenance in Gilroy, California. Schedule with our CDJR Service Center today and let us show you what a real dealership looks like.

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